Running networks

Bachsermärt is a regional food network, encompassing 5 retail stores (2 rural and 3 urban), a logistics network, training and educational activities and a platform to connect the stakeholders in the network from farmers and producers through to consumers, with the objective of guaranteeing the supply of basic products for different localities while supporting local producers and securing jobs in the rural area.

The entire concept is based on a philosophy that food should be produced and consumed in a more sustainable way, based on closed-loop systems and strong interpersonal relationships

THE BAZAAR connects organic farms and smallholders in the border regions with customers in Pokhara, the second most important city in Nepal. Managed by THE BAZAAR Agriculture Cooperative, it provides market facilities including logistics and sales to the member farmers.

The cooperative provides technical expertise including trainings in organic farming  (at theor Saathi Bio Farmwith, a model permaculture farm) and financial services to the farmers. THE BAZAAR was initiated in November 2010 by Development Voyage Pvt. Ltd., a partner company and leading investor of our cooperative. Since, February 2016, the cooperative is operating & managing the business under its umbrella.

Sojevë (pronounced Sojevo) is a a manufacturing facility for the processing (drying, of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms in the Ferizaj region of Kosovo.

This allows small-scale farmers and secondary producers to gain access to market and secure fair prices for their products, as well as applying the model of dual vocational training for unemployed youth in Kosovo (57./ % according to the UNDP) by creating training facilities within the 3 hectares of un-used farmland where a specific kind of berry (Aronia) will be cultivated and where this facility will be constructed.


The Food-Network Mértola aims at contributing to healthy and more sustainable food consumption, with a view to having a municipality with 100% local, organic food. It is part of a broader initiative to regenerate degraded land and introduction of syntropic and regenerative farming.  A “Food Belt” around Mértola will be realized, which includes the re-functionalization of 5-7 abandoned vegetable gardens, to supply the local collective restoration canteens (schools of the Municipality and homes of elderly) and the sale through vegetable baskets for the population in general. Entrepreneurial capacity building leads to innovative product development, e.g. oak cookies and edible perennials and collaborations between the Food-Network Mértola and Food Cooperatives Zürich, e.g. BachserMärt.