Our Team

Fernando Casillas Bernal comes from Mexico and is a graduate from the M.Sc. Environmental Governance programme. With knowledge on social entrepreneurship, innovation and climate-change adaptation (Climate-KIC Summer School), food systems (WFSC Summer School from ETH Zurich) and the agro-energy nexus (Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development).

Patrick Honauer is a social entrepreneur, from Switzerland. Involved in this field since 1993, when he started his first company. He is the founder and co-founder of: Neuhof Bachs (first organic restaurant in Switzerland), axisBildung (professional vocational training for differently able young people with 180 apprenticeships), Bachsermärt (SRFN model in border regions), and rundumkultur (start up for social entrepreneurs).




Also a social entrepreneur from Nepal, Tulsi Giri has experience on development foundations (USSHA Foundation), a socio economic enterprise for sustainable businesses (Development Voyage Pvt. ltd ) and a collaboration between producers, entrepreneurs & consumers (THE BAZAAR Cooperative) and an agrotourism enterprise (Organic Living Nepal). He is currently developing The Bazaar as a model food network under the SRFN concept.





As a social entrepreneur, Katharina Serafimova believes that food is a powerful opportunity to re-connect nature and community. She is passionate about the human capacity to regenerate ecosystems, even in areas that are deeply affected by soil degradation and water scarcity. At the same time, she sees the urgency of going beyond the destructive paradigm of an agriculture based on mono culture and dependency on a limited spectrum annual plants. Since 2017, she supports and co-creates a local initiative in Mértola / Portugal.