Our Services


  • Identify like-minded peers in existing or potential Sustainable Regional Food Networks.

  • Establish dialogues between all the relevant stakeholders (using dialogical processes such as round-tables).


  • Assistance for farms, small factories, wholesalers, retailers, food depots and customers along the food cycle to realize their ideas and to link them up to potential partners.

  • Concrete actions include business-plan creation, identification and development of sales channels, financing, engaging in exporting activities, etc.


  • Creation of opportunities for knowledge exchange and learning through: peer to peer / volunteering, facilitating workshops, offering trainings for stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the network, and skill-development through the vocational training and education (VET) approach.


  • Investigating within the existing Sustainable Regional Food Networks through: Elaboration of case studies and best practices, establishing Living Laboratories within the network, etc.